About us

LUM GmbH is one of the leading producers of analytical instruments for accelerated and real-time dispersion analysis, as well as particle sizing and characterization.

With a background in the fields of fluid mechanics, rheology and colloid chemistry Prof. Dr. D. Lerche founded the company in 1994 with the goal of providing a means to make dispersion analysis easier, more accurate, and more flexible. Towards this end he developed the well-known and industry leading STEP-Technology®, which serves as the technical platform for the various emulsion and suspension analysis product lines.

Using the one-of-a-kind STEP technology, you can now finally analyze emulsion and suspension stability directly, instantaneously, in-situ, and across your whole sample. This allows you to measure each and every physical stability aspect in your dispersion based products and areas of interest. Everything from complex particle size distributions, to stability, shelf life, instability mechanisms, true dispersed particle density, and much more.

We recently expanded our field of applications and give you a new and innovative means to measure material adhesion and cohesion properties. By continuously investing in R&D, LUM offers you new ways and means to advance your knowledge and goals, no matter how big or small.

Our headquarter is located in Berlin, Germany. Our US-subsidiary responsible for the North American market of Canada, the United States, and Mexico is situated in Boulder, Colorado. Additionally there are branch offices and application labs in Paris, France, and in Shanghai, China supporting our regional customers.


So please contact us today and see for yourself how we can help you to reach your goals and objectives. 
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